There are no new anti-dumping petitions filed for nails.  From our standpoint this will bring some stability to the supply and pricing.
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This is an eye-opening commentary by a British Hong Konger who has been part of the process.

 China is not an angel, but I have watched and listened to purchasers sent to China to strike the best deal. Early 2000s I listened to 5 Americans talk about how quickly the Chinese were catching on to making furniture and how soon they could move production. Within 3 years the furniture industry in the US started to collapse. 
As I traveled though China we were shown a monstrosity of a building, owned by Wal*Mart, to be their central China purchasing center.  We were told that the Americans who were negotiating the purchases were ruthless and many companies who were awarded contracts ended up being driven out of business. 
We have witnessed the massive number of Buicks on the road as GM has investments in the second highest revenue car company in China. The number one taxi for years was the FIAT. 
Starting in 1980 I watched the globalization of the sneakers march from the US to Korea, to Malaysia, to Vietnam and China. Each step was made by Nike moving to lower costs to push product deeper into the US market. As hard as Nike tried to hold onto their production in Exeter NH, they could find a way to make the plant profitable. 
While at Weyerhaeuser we sent lumber to Taiwan and China to be made into furniture parts to be sold into the US and Europe. 
The reasoning is almost always the same. “We can’t find anyone in the US to produce what we need at a competitive price”.  More recently the reason has been “We cannot find anyone in the US to build the product at any price.” 

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