Crane Point Industrial LLC
Providing Products to Construction and Industrial Customers
Crane Point Industrial LLC's roots go back to 1992 when a pallet lumber customer needed to find a nail made with a higher precision for their Viking machines.  Fast forward 26 years, we now import over 1,000 tons of nails per month for use in Vikings, Stortis, Capes, GBNs and the old Morgan Box Nailers.  

In 2005 we became Master Distributors for Max, Hitachi, Makita, Stanley Bostitch, DeWalt and several other minor brands of tools.

In 2013 Crane Point opened their wholesale division to supply construction fasteners and supplies.

We are ever adapting and growing with the opportunities provided by our customers.

* Purchasing directly from mills and factories  in 12 countries including  USA, Korea, Taiwan, China, Turkey.

* Warehousing and Distribution Centers 
   *  Forest Grove OR -  Home Office
   *  Wilsonville OR  -  Construction Sales 
   *  Baltimore MD  -  Pallet Fasteners
   *  Houston TX  -  Pallet Fasteners
   *  Long Beach CA  - Pallet Fasteners

Pallet Nails and Tools 
Crane Point started as North American Nails in 1996 with a few select customers, high hopes and a container or two of nails per month. 

We are now one of the major independent companies who have national and international distribution.  

Crane Point carries a variety of pallet fasteners in Portland, Baltimore, Houston and Long Beach to provide timely deliveries at fair prices.
In 2014 Crane Point launched a construction division to service the local Portland Oregon market.  We deliver from Medford Oregon to Everett Washington.

Come see our contractors store in Wilsonville.
Tool Repair
Our Forest Grove warehouse also houses a full time staff who are skilled in repairing all of the major models of tools. 

Our goal is to have common tools repaired within 72 hours and 7 days for specialty tools that need parts ordered.
Anti-Dumping 2018
February 9, 2018

The US International Trade Commission, USITC, placed a 78% duty on the 5 largest mills in Taiwan.

The severity of this duty will close several mills in Taiwan and leave several hundred containers of nail orders to be filled elsewhere.

Wire Rod Pricing
June 2018 update

Foreign markets are up slightly on wire rod for June/July.

The Trump 232 Tariff allowed US markets to jump 19%-21% on wire rod.  

Trump, Tariffs, and Trade
June 1, 2018

The tariffs on steel and aluminum are barely days old and the effects to many companies are staggering. US secondary product manufacturers are being hit with 25% and 10% increases to raw material while watching imported finished goods continue into the market with relative impunity.  

 The human side becomes more interesting. Companies that have been staunchly “Buy American” are now having to consider whether a 19% - 20% immediate cost increase can be absorbed by the bottom line.  

 US steel manufacturer have been quick to jump prices by 15% to 25% on wire rod which further exacerbates the cost increase to the American made products. 

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